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From routine to deep-down cleaning, pet stains to those "oops" moments, the expert carpet cleaners from X Carpet Cleaning can handle all your carpet cleaning needs. We specialize in carpet stain removal! We've been proudly providing top-notch carpet cleaning service to home and business owners in the greater Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Our modern equipment and advanced steam and "low water" carpet cleaning techniques meet or exceed the cleaning processes recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Call us with any of your carpet cleaning problems, large or small; we offer affordable solutions to meet any budget. X Carpet Cleaning: quality carpet cleaning service at cheap carpet cleaning prices.

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Healthy for the Carpet, Healthy for You

There's no way around it: the carpets in your home or business are meant to be walked on. Family, kids, customers, pets, they all add to the dirt and grime, wear and tear inflicted on your carpets each and every day. Even with regular vacuuming, it doesn't take long for dust, dirt, and grime to build up and get ground down deep into the fibers of your carpets. And along with the dirt can come germs, harmful bacteria, dust mites, even dangerous mold. If you have children or pets, or your carpet is in a high traffic area, that process is sped up significantly.

In addition to being unsanitary, carpet stains can be especially damaging to your carpets. Pet stains from urine or feces are downright unhealthy and smell terrible, while stains from food, beverages, or other organic sources provide a breeding ground for mold. Aside from being unsightly, compounds in these materials can quickly cause the fibers in your carpet to break down, causing long lasting damage and expensive repair or replacement.

Protect both your family and your investment with carpet cleaning service from X Carpet Cleaning. Our deep steam carpet cleaning process revives even the dingiest of carpets, while also helping to extend the life of your carpet. More importantly, we remove all the dirt, allergens, and harmful elements that can get trapped in your carpet, leaving you with a clean, healthy space for work or play.

Green Carpet Cleaning Provider

The safety of your family and the environment are important to you, and they're just as important to us. X Carpet Cleaning is pleased to offer green carpet cleaning using only safe, non-toxic cleaning products. We never use chemicals or compounds that can leave dangerous residue or foul odors. Our green cleaning process will leave your carpets clean, smelling fresh, and looking like new, all while using environmentally safe materials.

Carpet Cleaning After Water Damage

Had a fire, water leak, or suffered some other water damage in your home? Carpet drying may be just what you need. Let X Carpet Cleaning clean up the mess! We can dry out your carpets, protecting them from further damage and getting you back to life as usual. Don't wait, call now to see how we can help!