Granite Cleaning and Polishing Los Angeles

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Granite has long been hailed as the perfect kitchen counter material, offering a surface that is both beautiful and tough. But perfection does come at a cost - granite can be a costly investment, but one that enhances the beauty and value of your home. With periodic cleaning and proper care, your granite surfaces can last a lifetime. For experienced granite cleaning and polishing services in Los Angeles, call the professionals at X Carpet Cleaning. We even offer advanced services like leveling uneven surfaces and eliminating visible seams. We offer trusted, reliable granite cleaning service at cheap granite cleaning prices!

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Despite its durability, granite does require care and attention in order to maintain its original luster and appearance. Because granite is a porous natural material, exposure to water and other contaminants can lead to staining and discoloration. These same pores in your granite can also collect harmful bacteria, fungi, even harmful mold. Let us help get your granite surfaces deep down clean and restore the granite back to its original beauty with our state of the art steam cleaning equipment and advanced techniques.

Even everyday use can dull the granite surfaces in your home. Microscopic abrasions build up over time, leaving a matte finish that obscures the natural luster of your granite counter. Our cleaning technicians have extensive experience polishing granite surfaces to make them shine like new. Using our specialized equipment, we can buff and polish your granite to a mirror-like, long lasting sheen.

Green Granite Cleaning Provider

X Carpet Cleaning is committed to using only safe, non-toxic products to clean and polish your granite surfaces. With our unique green cleaning solutions, combined with our advanced steam cleaning equipment, we can safely clean the granite in your home without subjecting you or your family to toxic, unhealthy chemicals.