Linoleum Cleaning and Waxing

linoleum cleaning waxing

Linoleum is a durable and versatile flooring material that has long been a staple in health care facilities, hospitals, and commercial and industrial buildings. Increasingly, linoleum has been making a comeback in homes and residential buildings, as homeowners recognize its water resistant and non-allergenic properties. Available in many colors and patterns, linoleum flooring can be polished to a virtually mirror-like shine. Today's linoleum is made primarily of organic materials that require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and performing at their best. X Carpet Cleaning has experienced technicians available for linoleum cleaning and waxing in your home or office.

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Our linoleum cleaning process begins with the application of an appropriate wax stripper. The stripper soaks in to your floor and helps to remove build up. Next, we clean the linoleum thoroughly using a combination of steam cleaning and buffing machines. After the floor has been stripped and well cleaned, we apply fresh wax. To get that mirror shine, we apply multiple coats of wax, one coat at a time. As a final step, we buff the floor using a high speed machine for that ultra-glossy, smooth look. We have affordable linoleum cleaning packages to fit any budget: call us today for top notch service at cheap linoleum cleaning prices.

LA's Green Linoleum Cleaning Source

X Carpet Cleaning is committed to using only green, non-toxic cleaning products to clean your linoleum floor. With our specialized green cleaning solutions, combined with our advanced steam cleaning equipment, we can safely clean the floors in your home or business without subjecting you, your family, or your customers to toxic, unhealthy chemicals.