Marble Cleaning and Polishing

marble cleaning polishing refinishing

Marble is a beautiful addition to you home, adding sophistication and value as it blends with your unique environment. It's a common misconception that since marble is a stone product it doesn't require any maintenance. Nothing could be farther from the truth! All marble needs some type of care and maintenance - given the expense, it's critical to properly maintain the marble on the floors, walls, countertops, shower walls, or vanities in your home. For trusted marble cleaning and polishing services, call the experts at X Carpet Cleaning.

Marble is one of the softer stone surfaces available, available in many colors with varied and beautiful veining. Over time and after being subjected to use, marble will scratch, etch and lose its shine and luster. If you have a marble floor, wall, counter, or shower that has lost its shine or luster, it's probably time to call in the professionals from X Carpet Cleaning. Using our state of the art steam cleaning equipment and advanced techniques, we can effectively clean the dirt and stains from your valuable marble surfaces. We even offer advanced services like leveling uneven surfaces and eliminating visible seams.

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Much of the beauty of marble lies in its deep, beautiful shine. Over time, everyday use can mar the marble surfaces in your home. Dirt and ulra-fine scratches can build up over time, leaving a dull finish that obscures the natural luster of your marble. Our cleaning technicians have extensive experience polishing marble surfaces to make them shine like never before. Using our specialized equipment, we can buff and polish your marble to a mirror-like, long lasting sheen.

Exclusively a Green Marble Cleaning Service

X Carpet Cleaning uses the most modern equipment and safe, non-toxic cleaning products available to clean your marble without the use of harsh chemicals. Cleaners sold in department stores are toxic and extremely abrasive: not only are they unhealthy, these products can eventually damage your marble. Using the power of steam in conjunction with our green cleaning products, our marble cleaning process can effectively remove years of dirt and debris, extending the life and beauty of the marble in your home.