Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Waxing

vinyl floor cleaning

Vinyl remains one of the most popular floor coverings in both homes and businesses. It is a very resilient and long lasting product, but it needs to be correctly maintained in order for it to look its best and prolong its life. Vinyl floors require a layer of protective polish to create a hard layer on the surface, protecting the vinyl below. As this layer of polish wears off the floor, dirt and grime, bacteria, and other harmful elements can become imbedded in the vinyl floor. For proper cleaning and waxing of your vinyl floor, contact the experts at X Carpet Cleaning.

A nicely waxed and polished vinyl floor has a depth to it, a luster with a gleam on the surface. We use modern, industrial-strength steam cleaning equipment along with specialized cleaning substances to clean and sanitize the vinyl floors in your home. If your vinyl floor looks dull and dingy, don't think that replacement is your only option. Our cleaning technicians can bring your floor back to life, leaving a surface that provides years of reliable service. If you're looking for affordable vinyl floor cleaning, call today: we offer advanced vinyl cleaning service at cheap vinyl cleaning prices!

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Green Vinyl Cleaning Services

The safety of your family and the environment are important to you, and they're just as important to us. X Carpet Cleaning is pleased to offer green vinyl cleaning using only safe, non-toxic cleaning products. We never use chemicals or compounds that can leave dangerous residue or foul odors. Our green cleaning process will leave your floor clean, smelling fresh, and looking like new, all while using environmentally safe materials.